Chef Stories

We encourage you to get to know the amazing chefs who are a part of the Oakland Bloom family.

Click to learn more about our chefs’ stories, goals, and dishes, as well as how you can be a part of their journeys by lending your skills and expertise to chefs as they build towards opening their food businesses!

You can also support their efforts by ordering catering through our contact form here.

Pa Wah

Kwe Ka Ba, Authentic Karen/Burmese Cuisine: Pa Wah arrived as a refugee from Thailand and has been with Oakland Bloom since 2015. Through Oakland Bloom’s Entrepreneurship Training program…

Kit, Vanessa and Kinki

Chinese: 魚初心(M&D) Meaning: Mother and Daughters Hong Kong is synonymous with street style food — from the fishballs to stinky tofu and fried chestnuts to egg waffles. As a little girl grow…

Sara Tebege

Mahaza Cafe, Traditional Ethiopian Cafe: Sara arrived as a refugee from Eritrea. With a passion for learning, Sara enrolled in Oakland Bloom’s entrepreneurship program where she created her concept…